1. Premises
The Landlord will rent to the Tenant and the Tenant will rent from the Landlord a Holiday Apartment in the building Währinger Strasse 73, 1180 Vienna for the accommodation of up to 4 persons (Apartment 8) or 5 persons (Apartment 12) or 2 persons (Apartment 13). Additionally a seperate baby bed can be provided in addition to the max. number of occupants upon request. As the rental object is let as a holiday apartment (term of lease under 6 months) the Austrian Civil Code (ABGB) applies. The apartment may only be used as a holiday apartment. The tenant may not sublet the entire or parts of the apartment to a third party without the consent of the Landlord. The attached house rules apply.
The rental object is fully furnished and will be let with the inventory provided. For the duration of the lease the Tenant will receive 2 keys for the main entrance, 2 keys for the apartment door and 1 key for the mail box if needed.

2. Term of lease
The tenancy is to begin and end according to the booked dates via the respective booking platform. Arrival and departure times are flexible. However, they have to be agreed upon one week before arrival. The Tenant will hand over the apartment on the day of departure in a proper condition and will return the keys to the Landlord or the building manager. For this reason the tenant has to contact the Landlord early enough. In case of a later check-out than the agreed time/date extra fees may apply.

3. Rent, deposit
For the duration of the lease the Tenant will pay the rent according to the agreement via the respective booking platform. The rental price includes all operating costs up to an amount of EUR 150,- per month. In case of exceeding this amount the extra expenses will be charged at the day of departure. The rental price includes the costs for the final clean-up. In case of soiling beyond normal limits additional cleaning costs may apply. The Tenant will transfer a deposit within the agreed payment period according to the guidelines of the respective booking platform. The Tenant will transfer the full rental price within the agreed payment period according to the guidelines of the respective booking platform. In case any payment does not arrive within the agreed deadlines the landlord may terminate the lease summarily without further notice and may let the apartment to another party. In this case the guidelines of the respective booking platform apply.

4. Cancellation and early departure
If not stated otherwise in the guidelines of the respective booking platform the following cancellation policy applies:
If the Tenant withdraws from this booking ahead of the arrival date the following cancellation fees apply:
Cancellation up to 180 days before arrival:    free of charge
Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival:       20 % of the full rental price
Cancellation up to 14 days before arrival:       60 % of the full rental price
Cancellation up to 7 days before arrival:         90 % of the full rental price

In case of earlier departure than the agreed departure date, the rental price or parts of it will not be refunded. Cancellation or termination of the tenancy will only be accepted in written form, via fax or email. The authoritative date of a cancellation or termination is the date of receipt by the Landlord.

5. Liability and obligations of the Tenant
The rental object as well as the inventory have to be treated with care. The Tenant is liable for any intentionally or negligently caused damages of the rental object, furniture or inventory by himself or his accompanying persons. The Tenant will notify the Landlord instantly in written form or via telephone if any damages or shortcomings occur during the rental period. In accordance with § 1118 of the Austrian Civil Code (ABGB) the Landlord may terminate the tenancy at any time in case of rent arrears or in case of adverse use of the rental object (which means using the rental object contrary to this agreement or in violation to the house rules). In this case the Landlord may retain the full rent despite of earlier termination of the agreement and may additionally charge the Tenant for any additional damages or claims. Pets are allowed only with prior written consent by the Landlord.
House Rules: The Tenant binds and obliges himself, his accompanying persons and his visitors to abide the house rules which are attached to this agreement.

6. Changes and amendments of these terms and conditions
Changes and amendments to these terms and conditions have to be made in writing to be effective. Guidelines and regulations of the respective booking platform will not be overruled by these terms and conditions. Any legal disputes will be governed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Austria. In case of any legal disputes the place of jurisdiction is the district court of Döbling, Vienna, Austria.

Data Privacy Statement

according to the GDPR

This statement describes how we process your personal data in the context of the letting and administration of the property Waehringer Str. 73, 1180 Vienna. The statement is directed to all users of the property, users of additional services provided, business partners, prospective users, interested persons or other persons we get in touch with.

Basic Data
Responsible controller:
Thomas RIEF
Waehringer Strasse 73, 1180 Wien
T/F: +43 1 4034660 | office@rief.rentals

Collecting and storing a certain amount of personal data is essential for communication and to fulfil contracts and legal obligations. However, it is in our own interest to avoid the accumulation of unnecessary data and to provide technical and organisational measures to protect business and personal data. As the data subject you are within your rights to get informed by the controller what kind of your personal has been stored by us. A circulation of your data will only take place to fulfil our legal obligations and to accomplish an orderly administration of the property.

1. How we use personal data
We will process your personal data for the following reasons:

  • for the operation and administration of the property and communication;
  • for letting of commercial and residential properties and to fulfil the legal obligations in this regard;
  • in case of the video surveillance to provide additional security for individuals and objects by digital image processing.

  • 2. Legal basis
    The data processing in the context with the letting and administration of the property is conducted under the legal basis of:
    • Art. 6 a, GDPR: the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes;
    • Art. 6 b, GDPR: processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
    • Art. 6 c, GDPR: processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject;
    • Art. 6 e, GDPR: processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller;
    • Art. 6 f, GDPR: processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child.

    3. Reasons why we share personal data
    As far as necessary for the reasons mentions in chapter 1 we will share your data with the following recipients:
    • IT service provider,
    • Administrative authorities, public justice departments and local authorities,
    • Accountants and lawyers.
    We do not use service providers outside the EU. Therefore there is no data circulation to third countries (non-EU-member states).

    4. Maximum storage time
    Generally we will store your personal data until the end of our business relationship and beyond if necessary to fulfil legal retention periods or if necessary to secure evidence in case of a legal dispute. The maximum storage time of the video surveillance does not exceed 72 hours.

    5. Video surveillance
    The video surveillance has the purpose to provide additional security for individuals and objects by monitoring publicly accessible areas of the property in accordance with the regulations stated in the Privacy Impact Assessment exemptions by the Data Protection Authority.

    6. Collection of data on our websites
    We refrain from using cookies or other tools to analyse traffic on our website www.rief.rentals – however, the identification of your IP-address is necessary for the operation of the web server. When using this IP address www.rief.rentals does not draw any conclusions to personal details of the data subject.
    This data is essential to:
    • transmit the website content;
    • optimize the accessibility and content of our website;
    • ensure the enduring functionality of our IT systems;
    • deliver necessary information to law enforcement authorities in case of a cyber-attack.
    This may include your IP address, browser and language settings, operating systems, referrer URL, identification of internet service provider and date/time. Pooling of personal data will only put into action in case of cyber-attacks or unlawful behaviour.

    7. Your rights
    According to data privacy laws and regulations you may contact us via email (office@rief.rentals) free of charge. This concerns questions regarding data collection, processing or use of personal data und legal rights such as information, legitimacy, blocking, deletion or a withdrawal of a consent. In case of modifications of your personal data (such as change of name, address) we ask to inform us. If you are of the opinion that the processing of your personal data is not within the limits of the data privacy regulations you may contact the Austrian Data Protection Authority www.dsb.gv.at. Should the legal basis for processing your personal data expire, we will delete your data according to the respective legal obligations. Please be aware that legal retention periods (e.g. fiscal laws) may be reasons not to follow a deletion demand.



    General information
    All inventories in the apartment or which belong to the apartment may and should be used by our guests. Tenants are liable for any damages caused by the Tenants or their accompanying persons. The Tenant and his accompanying persons or guests are obligated to treat the rental object including furniture and other inventory with care. Please notify us immediately in case any damages occur. Please do not move any indoor furniture to the balcony. We would very much appreciate it if you refrain from entering the apartment with dirty shoes (especially in winter time). Tenants and their accompanying persons are responsible for the cleaning of the apartment during the rental period. Any shortcomings which may cause further damage must be reported to Landlord immediately. Please be aware that the Landlord or a representative may enter the apartment in case of exigent circumstances. Please make sure that all windows and the balcony door are closed and the apartment door is locked when leaving the premises.

    Please ensure that dishes, cutlery and kitchen ware are cleaned before placing them back into the cupboards. The same applies to any other kitchen aids or devices you may have used. Also keep the refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, oven and toaster clean. On the day of your departure please leave the kitchen as you would wish to find it and don’t leave any leftovers. Do not dispose any leftovers, harmful liquids or other dangerous substances in the kitchen or bathroom drain or toilet as it might cause a clogging of the pipes and attract rats.

    • Home entertainment
      Sat-TV and stereo set: Please refrain from reprogramming radio or TV channels. You may use the wireless internet free of charge – you will receive the password when you arrive. The internet connection is not to be used for any illegal activities and must to be used excessively – this concerns especially to illegal web content and file sharing.
    • Laundry
      Towels and bed linen are provided according to the number of guests. Please don’t remove any items from the apartment (e.g. coat hangers, soap dispensers etc.). 
    • Number of occupants
      The number of occupants of the apartment must not exceed the agreed amount without prior agreement. In case of higher occupancy an additional charge may apply. It is strictly prohibited to leave the apartment to others than the registered Tenants or his/her accompanying persons. In case these rules are ignored the Landlord is authorized to terminate the rental agreement instantly and charge an extra fee for the over-occupancy. Overnight stays of additional persons are not allowed.
    • Smoking
      Please refrain from smoking in the apartment and hallways. Apartment 8 only: You may smoke on the balcony – an ashtray is provided. Do not dispose ash or cigarette butts outside.
    • Quiet periods
      With regard to the neighbors we ask you to respect the quiet periods (in Vienna from 10:00 p.m. until 06:00 a.m.).
    • Arrival/departure
      Before your departure we will check the apartment and the inventory on possible damages. Arrival and departure times will be agreed upon individually in the tenancy agreement.
    • Keys
      The Tenant is liable for the apartment/house/mailbox keys. In case one or more keys get lost the Tenant may be charged for the replacement of key(s) and lock(s).
    • Pets
      You may bring your pet after prior consulatation with us. In this case please bring a basket/blanket for your pet and make sure there are no animal hair or paw prints on the furniture.